Genergy MADEIRA Generator, 4000W, 230V




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Product Description

Six years after the arrival of its predecessors, we welcome the new and updated inverter Genergy generators.

The experience gained over the last few years has given us precise information on where and how to improve our equipment. The result of this experience is the presentation of the first 4 models of this second evolution.

Simpler, more efficient, reliable, attractive, silent and lighter, they aim to become a reference in the market.

The high quality of current makes these inverter generators an ideal companion for use with more sensitive equipment. Its lightness, small size and low noise level make it the ideal option for a wide variety of uses, standing out in camping, caravans, boating, holidays...

GENERGY OHV, efficient and highly reliable. Guarantees easy and smooth starting in any condition.

- “PUSH ST” electric starter, allows you to start at the press of a button, includes free battery*

-“ ECO drive ” mode, it self-adjusts the engine rotations to the connected load at all times, allows significant fuel savings, especially at low loads.

-Automatic stop due to lack of oil, protects the engine from serious damage in case of zero or low oil level.

-Lightweight and portable, weighing just 35 kg for a powerful 4000W generator. Its transport kit allows movement in the most comfortable way and by a single person.

-Low noise level, more respectful in urban or semi-urban environments. Better for you…. better for others.

-Forced air recirculation system, allows better cooling, as well as an ideal air intake temperature for combustion.

-Integral control panel, designed to keep all controls in the same area, facilitating starting the equipment.

-High quality electricity output, voltage and frequency remain completely stable, likewise harmonic distortion is almost imperceptible. These features make it compatible with any electronic equipment, no matter how demanding its power system.

-Protection against overload and short circuit with automatic current disconnection. Protects the generator from the use of inadequate or damaged equipment.

-Digital panel with indicator of output voltage, frequency and working hours, controls output parameters at all times. Controls the hours of use to correctly manage the preventive maintenance plan.

12 V DC socket, ideal for charging small motorcycle batteries.

Thanks to energy processing through the inverter, an unprecedented quality of electricity in the world of generators is achieved. The voltage is completely stable in any condition and extremely clean sine wave. Adequate energy for practically all sensitive equipment.

* Battery is not included in the price, is delivered with the generator free of charge and is not covered by the warranty.


Single-phase maximum output (W): 4000
Single-phase constant output (W): 3600
Voltage/Frequency (V): 230/50 hZ
Overload protection: Yes, it turns off automatically. 230V output
Engine Model: GENERGY
Engine type: 4 stroke, OHV, 1 cylinder, gasoline
Displacement (cm 3 ): 224
Cooling system: Air
Starting system: Manual / Electric
Engine oil capacity (L): 0.6
Fuel tank capacity (L): 7.8
Autonomy 25% / 50% / 75% charge: 11.3h / 7.6h / 5.5h
Alert due to lack of oil: Yes
Counts hours: Yes
12VDC output for charging small batteries: Yes
Adjust power regime according to load: Yes
Soundproof: Yes
Wheel Kit: Yes
Guaranteed sound power level - dB(A): 91
Noise level (at 7 m) (dB) 57
Length x Width x Height (mm) 605x320x560
Dry weight (Kg): 35


For more information, see the Technical Data Sheet