Honda EU22i Generator


Electricity and performance for any challenge.

EU10i Inverter generators, which Honda pioneered in 1987, provide clean, high-quality energy and are not dependent on engine speed. This advanced technology allows for an exceptionally compact product, with an alternator just half the size of more traditional generators.



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Product Description


Honda with the EU22i model has updated its most popular portable generator, now even more versatile, greater power, fuel economy and quieter operation for equivalent load levels.

The motor and electronics are completely enclosed within the soundproof housing, protecting the components and minimizing operating noise. A large handle makes it comfortable and easy to carry by hand. The attractive new design includes changes to labels, controls and improvements to the starter rope for greater wear resistance.


All Honda INVERTER generators allow parallel operation. As the electrical output is electronically controlled, two identical models can be connected using specific cables, available as an original Honda accessory. The two generators behave as one, providing twice the electrical output of a single unit for more power-demanding applications. Connected in this way, two EU22i portable generators can deliver up to 4.4 kW of super-clean sinusoidal current. The EU22i also has a 12V and 8.3A socket, ideal for charging a battery directly from the generator with an optional adapter cable.



The INVERTER regulator, exclusive to Honda, gives us, in addition to perfect quality of electrical current, engine speed control according to the energy need. This way, the engine only works at maximum load when necessary, which considerably reduces fuel consumption, increases autonomy and adapts the noise level according to the work regime. These unique characteristics mean that generators with this technology are suitable for powering the most sophisticated devices, generally with very sensitive electronic components, as they provide the highest quality current, equivalent to that of the mains. These generators are recommended for high precision instruments and ideal for lighting, TV, computers and small power tools.


Model EU 22i
Single-phase maximum output (W): 2200
Single-phase constant output (W): 1800
Voltage/Frequency (V): 230
Nominal Intensity (A): 7.8
Direct current: 12V, 8A
Engine Model: GXR120
Engine type: 4 stroke, OHV, 1 cylinder
Engine revolutions (rpm): 4500
Displacement (cm 3 ): 121
Power (hp): 3.6
Cooling system: Air
Starting system: Manual
Engine oil capacity (L): 0.4
Fuel tank capacity (L): 3.6
Minimum autonomy: 3h 35
Alert due to lack of oil Yes
Sound pressure level - dB(A) (98/37/EC, 2006/45/EC): 72
Guaranteed sound power level - dB(A) (2000/14/EC, 2005/88/EC): 90
Noise level (at 7 m) (dB) 53 - 59
Length x Width x Height (mm) 509x290x425
Dry weight (Kg): 20.7


For more information, see the Technical Data Sheet