Salt Electrolysis Zodiac EiSalt


Product Name Price Delivery Expedição Qty
Electrolysis EiSalt 12 g/h - up to 50 m3




Electrolysis EiSalt 21 g/h - up to 90 m3




Electrolysis EiSalt 30 g/h - up to 140 m3




Product Description

Saline chlorinators are an automatic and efficient disinfection solution. Easy to use, they allow complete water treatment and reduce maintenance.

Easy to install and use, saline chlorinators allow for complete pool treatment with minimal maintenance.

how they work
Salt electrolysis is a simple principle similar to the behavior of the sea and its ecosystem. The pool water is slightly salty at 4 g/l (9 times less than sea water). With electrolysis, through the cell, salt is transformed into gaseous chlorine, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves instantly in water. Chlorine gas destroys all microorganisms in the cell and provides the pool with a correct level of free chlorine. Active chlorine (HOCl) eliminated under the effect of solar UV rays is constantly renewed by the cell without the need for any intervention.
For the proper operation of the electrolysis, the pH of the pool must be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6. All Zodiac® saline chlorinators are equipped with cells with high-quality and long-lasting titanium electrodes, which guarantee peace of mind for the user.

High quality and highly durable titanium electrodes guarantee peace of mind for the user. Long lasting cell up to 8000 hours.

Easy Installation
With its compact design, you can install EiSalt anywhere, in confined spaces and even in damp environments.

Suitable for all installations
With its compact design, you can install EiSalt anywhere, in confined spaces and even in damp environments.

safety first
EiSalt was developed to facilitate the owner's daily routine with safety features, such as a gas sensor that stops
if there is no flow and a salt alarm that indicates a lack of salt in the pool.

Self-cleaning electrodes through reversed polarity.
Automatic reduction of chlorine production when the pool cover is closed (output reduced to 10%).

Security system: Automatic stop in case of lack of flow in the cell.
Water Resistant: Water resistant control unit (IPX4 protection) that can be installed anywhere.
Unconditional guarantee: On the control system and the cell, regardless of the causes of damage.

Available in three models: EiSalt 12 (up to 50 m³), EiSalt 21 (up to 90 m³) and EiSalt 30 (up to 140 m³).


Model: HeySalt 12 HeySalt 21 EiSalt 30
Volume of treated water (8 hours/day): 50 m 3 90 m 3 140 m 3
Chlorine production: 12 g/h 21 g/h 30 g/h
Electric power: 90W 110W 180W
Presentation: LEDs
Operating modes: Normal mode, coverage (10%)
Clock / Timer: link to filtering
Polarity Inverter: Yes; adjustable
Recommended salt rate - Min. Minimum 5 g/l - 4.0 g/l

Salt indicator light: reduced production
to protect the electrode
All LEDs flash: production stopped
until return to normal conditions

cell position: horizontal or vertical
Compatible pipes: DN63 mm (use of PVC reducers for DN50 mm)
Protection index: IPX24
Food: 220-240 VAC


For more information, please consult the Technical Data Sheet