Zodiac CNX-Li 52 iQ Freedom Pool Vacuum Cleaner


A wireless robot equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery that offers great autonomy.

Effective, practical and cordless, it is exceptionally agile and allows you to reach every corner of any type of surface.

The iAquaLink® application allows better control and better visibility of the battery charge level.



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Product Description

We present the new robot from the CNX line, a wireless device equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery, offering exceptional autonomy.

This efficient, practical and wireless robot stands out for its exceptional agility, allowing it to reach all nooks and crannies, regardless of the type of surface.

Developed to clean the bottom, walls and water line of your pool, up to 10 x 5 meters, this robot offers a complete cleaning solution.

Like the entire CNX line, this intelligent pool robot features patented cyclonic suction technology, ensuring optimal and effective cleaning. Equipped with propeller brushes and agile movements, it is capable of dealing with impurities with lasting efficiency.

Furthermore, the iAquaLink® application provides improved control and better visibility of the battery charge level, offering even more convenience and efficiency in maintaining your pool.

Enjoy wireless freedom with the CNX-Li 52 iQ FREEDOM . Without cables, this robot is easy to use daily and takes up little space. Its durable lithium-ion battery guarantees a complete cleaning cycle of up to 2 hours.

The iAquaLink® application amplifies this feeling of freedom, allowing you to instantly check the battery charge level, access end-of-cycle notifications and perform remote updates.

The CNX-Li 52 iQ FREEDOM 's cyclonic suction provides uncompromising cleaning performance. Thanks to its patented high-power, long-lasting technology, this robot offers effective and long-lasting cleaning. The helix brushes guarantee the efficient collection of all waste, including the finest, thus ensuring an impeccably clean pool.

The CNX-Li 52 iQ FREEDOM features built-in agility thanks to its built-in smart sensors and unique design. This robot is exceptionally agile and offers excellent cleaning coverage for your entire pool, regardless of its shape and coating.


Bottom: Yes
Walls and water line: Yes
Remote control: Smartphone Application ( iAquaLink )
Cleaning cycles: Bottom and Bottom/Walls/water line
Transmission: Gears
Traction system: Caterpillars
Schedule: Yes
Internal timer: Yes
Filter full indicator: Yes
Cable length (m): Wireless
Engines: 1 filtration - 2 traction
Filter capacity (l): 4L
Filter Type: Double 100µ
Security system: Auto stop out of water
Battery: 25.4V / 6.4 Ah
Charging time: 5h
Cart in Kit Charging Station
Pool size (m): 10 x 5
Guarantee 2 years + 1 year


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For more information, see the EN Instruction Manual